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Jamie Nicholls

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Jamie Nicholl's first session on The Valley Lake is certainly one he wont forget in a hurry.

Joing in him on his first Fryerning outing was Valley Lake legend Rhys Thomas and together they decided to head for The 30 Yard Bar, a favourite haunt of Rhys's.

For 36 hours in cold,wet and far from ideal conditions the pair stuck it out without action, until suddenly out of the blue an alarm screemed off.

It was Rhys who had broken the deadlock, hooking into an extremely hardfighting fish that battled ferociously.

After some tense moments Rhys managed net his prize and on the scales she went 25lb 8oz a terrific fish in awesome condition.


A 25lb 8oz Brute of a common for Rhys

Not long after returning the fish and just when the pair were starting get get warmed up, they were in again.

This time it was Jamie who was attached to an angry Valley Lake residedent and another battle was underway.

After a good old scrap Rhys netted a stunning Scaley Mirror for his mate which glowd in all its winter colours. The fish certainly looked big and once on the scales she went 30lb, Jamies new P.B. and first English 30!

What a way to start your Fryerning account a stunning Mirror!

Another dream is realised at Fryerning, Jamie with his new P.B.