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140 Tonnes of gravel later!

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Here at Fryerning we never stop trying to improve the complex for the benefit of our members.

Recently we have taken delivery of over 140 tonnes of stone which has all been used to create some under water features, and refurbish the banks and swims on all three lakes!

140 tonnes of gravel ready for action.

With the lakes banksides becoming more lush and established as every year passes we have began building swims further out to get past the dense reed lined margins providing safe comfortable swims to angle from.

Some swims have been built out past the dense margins.

The stones are perfect for placing around the swims stopping the banks eroding yet keeping the venue looking natural.

Just one of many swims being refurbished.

Many hours of hard graft has seen the venue as a whole benefit and of course the lucky members who fish it enjoy the Fryerning experience in safe comfortable swims.

Once seeded and reedlined this swim will be 5 star.