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OCTOBER UPDATE by Carl Carlucci

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It’s been a month since we announced our intentions to eradicate the crayfish from the complex’s lakes and by the time you read this piece we will have begun netting all 3 lakes.

It’s certainly caused a bit of buzz amongst the members with much speculation about a possible weight explosion and a golden era of fishing in the coming years.

As anglers we all love to ruminate about what our quarry are up to and discuss how much bigger they may have grown since their last capture. Well this month on the Main Lake one question was answered when one of the lakes star residents graced the next for the first time in almost a year after we’d all been wondering where she was.

The Netted Fish is the fisheries biggest true leather and was landed at 45lb 10oz by Barry Sullivan. The stunning fish was in magnificent condition despite obviously having spawned.

The Netted Fish

So one question answered, but already members are wondering if the leather might be the Main Lakes next fifty, if previous growth rates are anything to go by it’s more than possible!

It’s always good to get your first fish from a new water under your belt and so it was with a big smile that Nick Porter slid the net under his first Main Lake fish, a cracking mirror of 37lb 4oz.

Nick confessed that just 10 minutes prior to receiving the take, he was wondering what he was doing wrong, obviously nothing too much! Nicks fish fell to a stiff hinged presentation fished at 50 yards over a big spread of bait.

Catching carp is all about piecing the jigsaw together and Barry Wingham was another angler building on his recent success.

Last month Barry caught the striking Berties Linear at 35lb 4oz and in October added to his tally by landing the equally impressive Zip Linear at 38lb 8oz, the fish up 2lb from its last capture.

The big mirror came to an inline set up fished in a PVA bag, again over a good spread of boilies.

Barry Wingham with The Zip

From two anglers who are new to the syndicate to one who has been fishing the complex for a good few years and obviously knows his stuff.

George Whittle hadn’t actually fished the lake for over 18 months but this didn’t stop him taking 2 fish in a 48 hour session.

George baited heavily using 10 kilo of mixed boilies at the bottom of the marginal shelf and was rewarded with the stunning Stripe at a new high weight of 39lb 2oz and another Mirror of 30lb 3oz.

George Whittle with The Stripe

Well done to all the guys on their captures. With the Zip Linear and Stripe having both put on a couple of pound since their last captures I think they could soon both be over the 40lb mark, exciting times.

Down on the Valley and the “Bertram Road Show” continued as Elliot Bertram took another two 20s to add to his impressive season’s total.

Elliot Bertram with another Valley Lake 20

Elliot’s fish a Mirror of 24lb 2oz and a Common of 27lb came in a little over an hour, and just after he’d topped up his swim with another kilo of bait.

November last year saw a run of big fish from the Main Lake so hopefully next month I’ll be able to share a few more tales of some Fryerning Whackers, until then have a great months fishing.