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JULY UPDATE by Carl Carlucci

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Just prior to penning this piece I took a quick stroll around the Valley Lake and witnessed the most incredible show of fish I’ve seen in over 30 years of fishing. The lake is crammed with 20s and 30s, but even so I was amazed to see in excess of 50 shows in a little over 20 minutes! The lake was more like an aquarium than a fishery!

So let’s start this month’s round up down on the “Valley” with Kevin Deeming who has been enjoying some incredible sport on the lake this month with a run of big commons. First session down and Kevin smashed his PB with a cracking fish of 34lb 4oz and then added another of 26lb just as he was packing up. The following week and another quick trip resulted in a hard fighting common of 25lb. Kevin’s impressive tally of fish came to a Mainline Cell Boilies.

Kevin Deeming with his PB Common

Main Lake member Chris Hellyar who caught the Gurm at 52lb 8oz earlier in the year, recently took advantage of being able to fish all of the waters on the complex on his ticket by dropping onto the “Valley” for a night. Chris took 2 gorgeous 20 plus Mirrors the largest of which weighed in at 28lb 2oz.

Both of Chris’s fish came on Zig rigs, which have been catching well on all of the fisheries 3 lakes this month. Another angler exploiting this devastating method was Mark shildrake who took a beautiful 30 plus mirror from the Main Lake.

Chris Hellyar with a Valley Lake stunner of 28lb 2oz

Mark who was still buzzing following his recent capture of Fryerning’s latest new 50 in the shape of the Boss at 50lb 2oz dropped in for a quick overnighter and with just minutes to go before packing up added another fish of 32lb 4oz to his 2015 campaign.

Mark Shildrake with a Main Lake 30 caught on a zig 

James Ellis has been fishing Fryerning for a number of years now and there are few anglers who can rival his strike rate. James has caught numerous 30s and 40s from the complex and from memory I believe once had 5 or 6 30 plus fish in a day in December!

Anyway after a break he is back fishing the Main and James has hit the ground running taking the beautifully proportioned fish XL Pecs at bang on 39lb. The fish came at range and fell to a Nash Key boilie.

James Ellis with XL Pecs

James Dalton is another long term member at Fryerning who seems to have an uncanny knack for wangling out a biggie. James ordinarily only manages 2 or 3 trips a year but his big baiting tactics and constant tweaking of his presentations paid dividends when on his latest trip he took the Round Tail common at 37lb 8oz.

The fish came on the last morning of his trip after James had applied no less than 30 kilos of bait the majority of which was Galaxy Baits boilies with Galaxsea oil.

James Dalton with the Round Tail Common

We’ve had a run of unknown mid 30s this year, which beggars belief when you think how long the fishery has been here. But Andy Cox’s capture of a koi of 23lb, which has only been caught a handful of times in 25 years, it just goes to show, you just never know what is swimming around in front of you.

Andy Cox with his rarely caught Koi

I think there may yet be a few surprises in store at Fryerning this year, I’ll let you know what turns up. Happy Fishing!