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Quickfire with Mark Smith

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Mark Smith has enjoyed being a Fryerning syndicate member for four years and has had a lot of success lately after changing his method.

Mark Smith worked for 20 years at the bustling Portobello Road market in London and appreciates the peace and quiet of Fryerning as much as the fishing. He started four years ago on the Valley Lake and says: "I think everyone should start there and work up to the Main Lake. It worked for me."

Mark had his PB on the Main Lake - a Mirror at 39.4 - and after a lean spell the fish are coming out again since he changed his method. "I had a 35.5 and a 38 recently and I'm well happy," he says.

"Out of all the fisheries I've been to, Fryerning is the best," he adds. "The security is second to none and it's a pleasure to come. The anglers are friendly and I've had a lot of good times here."