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Out On The Bank with Dave Whitting

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It’s Out on the Bank feature time again and this week I caught up with Main Lake member Dave Whitting.

Dave has been Carp fishing on and off for over thirty years and after a short break from the sport had his interest rekindled after joining up at Fryerning 3 years ago.

Dave has been having a bit of a purple patch this season catching some of the lakes most famous residents including the Stripe, the Zip Linear, the Dalmation and Four Scale.

Dave with the Dalmation

So while he was down fishing this week I took the chance to find out what it means to him to be fishing at Fryerning.

Q: What are the best things about fishing at Fryerning?

A: I know everyone says the same, but it’s such a beautiful place to fish. It’s peaceful and extremely well run. The members are a really friendly bunch and the fish are huge. To be honest I can’t ever seeing myself fishing anywhere else.

Q: What is your most memorable Capture?

A: It would have to be banking Four Scale at 40lb. It was my first 40 and I caught her in November in horrible conditions. Great Fish!

Dave with his most memorable capture Fourscale

Q: If you had to choose one swim on the Main Lake which one would it be and why?

A: I like the fish to show me where they are and that’s where I’ll fish. So my answer is the swim with the fish in!

Q: What fish would you like to catch the most?

A: Obviously the Netted Fish would be good, everyone is after it and it could well be over 50lb, so that’d be my first choice. The Gurm is right up there too and any of the Koi, they’re not everyone’s bag, but I love ‘em!

Thanks to Dave for taking time to answer my questions.  It seems the anglers who have taken part in these features go on to catch, so with a couple of nights ahead of him let’s hope Dave gets lucky!

Dave with a big Main Lake Common