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Decade at Fryerning

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Sam O’Brien has been a member at Fryerning for about ten years. “My dad is a friend of Chris Knowles and that’s how I first got to go to the site,” he says.

“I started fishing on the Main Lake but to be honest, at that point, I was probably a bit out my depth on that water,” Sam admits. “When Chris dug out the Valley Lake, I decided to try that and it’s been working well for me ever since.

“I really like the Valley Lake and it’s a place I feel happy fishing in, a real favourite spot of mine. It’s full of big fish and the challenge is there all the time to get them on the end of the line.”

That is something Sam is pretty good at and just recently he had three excellent Carp out in an 18-hour session on the Valley Lake. “I was over the moon to get out two 27lb carp and a 23lb specimen,” he says. “To me, that is a great return on my fishing time and typical of what anglers can expect at Fryerning – good-quality fish in a secure and peaceful environment.”

So does he rule out a return to the challenges posed by the Main Lake? “No, I’ll definitely be going back there at some time but at the moment I’m really happy on the Valley Lake so I’ll keep going there for the moment.”

And those words sum up XL Carp at Fryerning in a nutshell – each member is free to fish the water that suits them best with no pressure. The only challenge you can expect – as Sam well knows – is the sporting one of landing some of the hard-fighting, pure bred English Carp the fishery specialises in breeding.