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Two minutes - Two fantastic fish

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“They all call me ‘Pretty Boy’ but a lot of them don’t know my real name at Fryerning,” chuckles Karl Hall, a loyal syndicate member with XL Carp.

“I fished some other places before, but nothing can beat Chris and Charlie and the atmosphere you get at the site.”

Karl speaks from experience. He was recently fishing one Friday and, in the early afternoon, he landed a very nice 34lb Mirror, using DT Bait, from the Lodge Swim. Chris and Charlie rushed over with the video camera and caught the action on video to preserve the achievement, as they do at Fryerning.

“That was a great moment,” says Karl. “Charlie was putting the camera away, and we were all relaxing, when I glanced down to my left and the middle rod was twitching. My mate said ‘I think you’ve got something else here’.”

That was the understatement of the year. The “something” turned out to be the 43lb Gurm, a Mirror rapidly acquiring legendary status at Fryerning and just one of the rapidly-growing stock of big English-bred Carp in the Main Lake.

In the space of 10 minutes, Karl had landed two prize specimens, and his remarkable achievements had all been captured on video. Result!

He had achieved what every angler dreams of, but there’s a lot more to it than just landing the fish. “The people are so friendly and you make mates very easily,” he says. “Chris ensures you get the right sort of fishermen at Fryerning and there’s no hassle at all.”

Karl Hall is now sponsored by Rig Marole.