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March Update 2013 by Adam Penning

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I have just returned from a walk down to the lake and was shocked

What would normally be a busy spring week was transformed into a lake with only one angler on it. A strong easterly was blowing up onto the shallows and believe me, stood on the end of it was not somewhere I wanted to be for very long.

The history books will record March as the second coldest in history as once again the Gulf Stream deserted us and we were bombarded with Baltic easterlies. The Fryerning catch book records March as quite probably the worst in its history with only three carp banked in the entire month.

Perhaps not very encouraging until you note that the three fish landed averaged 38lbs, once again proving that Fryerning is an outstanding big carp venue!

All three March captures fell in the first part of that month and typically within a few days of each other; the record shows that when a fish has been caught, it is usually followed by one or two more. The first of the month was a 33.14 mirror to Chris Hellyou and this was followed four days later by Mick Baldry’s capture of the Gurm at a personal best 45.06, both captures coming from the Left Hand Point area. The third and last capture was a stonking 35.08 mirror to G. Rotchell. Well done to all of you guys for toughing it out and getting your reward!

If you are getting out anywhere then bear in mind that the water is the same temperature as it was in January and February. For that reason, don’t reach for the spod rod just because the clocks have changed – fish cautiously and sensibly for one bite at a time. Solid bags and zigs are always worth having in the armoury.

I am quite sure that when I write my next report the weather will have released its prolonged icy grip and we will all be feeling the sun on our backs. Have no doubt, big spring carp are just around the corner – don’t wait until you hear they are getting caught, that will be too late; get down there now while it’s still quiet. And if you see me then mine is white with no sugar!

Adam Penning