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April Update 2013 bt Adam Penning

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Finally the icy spring released its tenacious grip and as it retreated, the fishing has finally came alive...


The dedicated Fryerning syndicate enjoyed initial sporadic success followed by a virtual boatload of whackers as April gave way to May. The O’Connors lead the way, taking a dozen carp over two sessions and I am sure you will be able to read all about their fantastic results elsewhere in this magazine.

Others have also had success, albeit not quite on such a scale. Following not too far behind was Darren Taylor who I am sure had the last laugh at those who call him ‘Pub Chuck’ by taking a five fish over the month. I was present when he bagged a fantastic brace of mirrors from the Millstone weighing 37.6 and 31.10. Gorgeous fish that were a fine testament to the amazing stock the lake holds. Darren followed those up with fish of 31.10, 27.8 and 37lbs from the Lion swim on zigs – good angling!

Another angler doing very well is Phil Blanchard who took the Mommon at 42.8 backed up with fish of 29.12 and 37.8. All Phil’s fish fell to Nashbait boilies. As you may have noticed – the average size of the fish in Fryerning is very impressive!

Others getting on the score sheet included Stuart Pask with a 41.6 mirror, again on Nashbait with the same choice of bait doing the damage for Mick Forbes who bagged a 40.14 common (The Mommon) from the Royal Box.

Lastly, James Ellis, our resident dedicated big cat hunter has been amongst the giant whiskers taking cats of 41, 46 and 75lbs. James also bagged a 38lb common called the Round Tail common on his boilie rigs. James has fine tuned his cat approach and adopts an innovative suspended worm rig which has proved consistently successful for him.

I hope to squeeze in a night up there soon – if I get lucky I will let you know!

Adam Penning