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June Update 2013 by Adam Penning

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As I write we are in the middle (or hopefully still at the start!) of a serious heat wave...

Personally I love it although the nights could be cooler – it’s hard to get to sleep! So Wimbledon was dry, hot and memorable but what has this extreme weather done to the fishing?

As far as Fryerning has been concerned, the fishing has continued to be fantastic with almost 30 fish banked over the month including 16 thirties and 4 forties! Mentioning all of these is obviously impossible so let’s pick out one or two of the key captures…

Perhaps not surprisingly, a third of these fish have been taken from the Lodge swims as they cover the shallows. A very popular area that is tough to get into but it does seem to always hold fish at this time of year. One angler who was successful not only in getting in there but in catching from it, was Mick Baldry who proved his capture of the Gurm earlier this year was no fluke by taking her again, this time at 48lb 2ozs. Mick used boilies from Quality Baits.

Next in there was Colin Peto who took a 3 fish catch including the Chunk at 35lb with mirrors of 26lb and 34lb to back it up. Colin used boilies from DT baits to take his excellent catch.

Another angler with a very impressive catch was George W who took four fish topped by the Mommon at 42lb 4ozs. George started in the end swim where he took the Mommon, before moving to the Right Hand Lodge and taking the reminder of his haul. George used Mainline Grange for his great result.

One capture that caught my eye was Seb Pereda who took a 33lb 8oz common from the Log Swim – Seb used a homemade bait which is a bit unusual these days so well done fella, I am sure that was a very satisfying capture for you!

Another angler doing consistently well is resident expert Herbie Soanes. I think I am right in saying he hasn’t blanked in 7 weeks! Herbie told me this is down to solid good angling and not to doing several nights every week and I am sure he is right. Certainly there are several anglers doing a lot of time without such results so well done Herbs!

Lastly, the back bay between the Millstone and the Royal Box has been closed to allow the fish to spawn. To date, the fish have still not spawned successfully and so Chris has reopened it – if the fish get frisky again then it will be closed so if you intend to fish in there, probably best to check with the site first.

Very lastly, please remember that Fryerning has a barbless only rule in place to eliminate the possibility of tethering and towing. Anybody found flouting this rule will be asked to leave!

Adam Penning