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September Update 2013 by Adam Penning

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As I write there is a definite hint of autumn in the air...

Each time I go down to the waters edge to rinse my hands it feels a little colder. This is of course big fish time, the season for big beds of hemp and lots of boilies!

The big news is that the facilities are now befitting the premier syndicate that Fryerning unquestionably is. The shower and toilet block is being refurbished in Car Park. Charlie and Herbs have been hard at work building this and it will be operational very soon. Good work lads!

Additionally there is now an electronically activated gate, complete with six cameras for your peace of mind and security . All in all, Chris and his team are taking things to the next level and as the fish continue to grow, so does the enviable reputation as one of the best big carp waters around.

On top of this, the team have made a DVD about the fishery and the successful tactics required to catch some of its residents. It features Joe Morgan and myself and has some elevated camerawork providing some unique views of this stunning lake. Look out for this later in the year!

Here’s one for the ladies and it’s nice to welcome Debbie Crouch into the syndicate. We need more women fishing and I think that the peace, security (and flushing toilet!) will appeal to lots of ladies looking for the perfect venue. Debbie wasted no time in getting on the catch report by bagging a superb 34.12 leather. Now that’s one I’d like to catch for sure!

Long term member and all round nice guy Mark Smith bagged the corking No-Name at 38lbs. This Basil-esque fish is one that I would dearly like to catch; what a carp! Bivvy TV aficionado took the fish on Nashbait from the Left Hand Point and hopefully it didn’t disturb Eastenders!

Jack Price bagged another one that I would dearly like to have in my net – Luke’s Common at 40lb which he braced with a 33lb linear. Jack fished from the Log swim and Mainline boilies rewarded him for making the long walk round.

Carp catching machine Joe Morgan from Carp TV turned up for his first trip this year and managed to walk straight into an empty Lodge swim! Not only that but the wind turned Easterly right on cue – it seems not only do the Carp Gods like Joe but the fish do too and one in particular, the Nunn as he bagged it for the fifth time at 41.4. Joe backed this up with fish of 35 and 26lbs with zigs and a bed of boilies scoring.

After doing the filming work for Chris I did two nights in the Lodge which was the first time I’ve properly angled it. It certainly is a nice piece of real estate and the carp were about in the weedbeds out in front. I managed three fish in all, all mirrors weighing 26, 32 and 40lb 4oz! Cell crumb and accurate spodding combined to get me a fantastic result.

Over on the Valley, Luke Glover took a gorgeous common of 33.2 which may well be a lake record. An exceptional fish – well done Luke!

The daphnia has been in full bloom this summer as a result of careful management by the team and as a result the fish weights are on the up – it could be a bountiful autumn harvest for some lucky anglers! If you are coming down then remember, these are big boilie munching fish and beds of boilies not only catch the carp but buy you more time against the crays too.

We are coming to the time of year where there will be at least 12 forties and countless thirties. The mighty Gurm was last caught at a post spawning weight of over 47lbs and so looks sure to top fifty again this winter – not many places you can target a stock of fish like that!

Adam Penning