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October Update 2013 by Adam Penning

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As I write we are coming into what for many is the highpoint of the carp fishing season.

The weather is still unseasonably mild and the long range weather forecasters (what do they know!) keep saying the first frosts are still weeks away.

Traditionally the autumn period has been the time for the biggest bounties and the huge fish down at Fryerning will be feeding hard ready for the winter and to get their weight and condition up for spawning next spring.

As expected, there have been quite a few massive carp banked of late, the mozzies have gone and the carp are crashing out all over the lake – now is time to get down to your favourite syndicate!

The main news this month is that Fryerning has produced a new forty! The fish is known as Four Scale and was captured by the ever consistent James Ellis at 41lbs.

If you look on the Fryerning web page, you can see a picture of this fish when it was caught in the early nineties when it wasn’t even a double! This amazing capture means that Frynering has now produced THIRTEEN different forties and a fifty! I am sure you will agree that there are very few lakes indeed that can boast that kind of stock.

If you saw the old picture from the 90s on the web page, you will have noticed that another one in the shot was the Mommon and how she has grown since then! Phil Blanchard was the latest captor and he banked her at a phenomenal 45lb 1oz. What a carp! Phil used Nashbait in the Royal Box to bank the carp we all want to have our picture with.

Dave Salmon is next up and this time carp were his objective as he took the awesome Boss at 41lb 8oz and the Rudder at 37lbs. The very last swim came up trumps for Dave and made the long walk round very worthwhile indeed.

Adrian Hunt used Mainline boilies in the Millstone to take a 30lb 2oz and the wonderful Nun at 41lb 2oz. This was Adrians’ first UK forty so well done that man!

Last but certainly not least is possibly the syndicates most consistent catcher, Darren Taylor who bagged the Pretty One at 35lbs from the Left Hand Point on Mainline boilies. Top result fella – hope the Mommon is yours soon!

That’s all from me – I am too busy to get down at the moment, so catch one for me and good luck!

Adam Penning