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November Update 2013 by Adam Penning

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Winter is most definitely here! I have just seen a report in one of the leading broadsheets saying that we are going to get the worst winter in 60 years.

 On top of that I got soaked yesterday because the weather man promised no rain and I went without a brolly. I can only hope that they continue the trend of being wrong and this winter is a mild one!

So far, it is almost December and we have had only one light frost. Water temperatures have fallen to about 6 degrees and the carp in most lakes are still reasonably active. Fryerning main lake however proved to be a tough proposition and despite (at times) quite a bit of pressure, only four fish were banked all month.
As expected after the onset of cold weather the bulk (not all I am sure…) of the fish gravitated towards the deep water at the dam end of the lake and this is where we saw almost all the captures through late October and into November. The fish initially grouped in front of the middle of the dam wall area and then dropped down into the car park corner which is where the last few bites came from before once again, the fish moved off. I am quite sure that the Lodge end will hold fish all winter – it has the bulk of the weed, no pressure (for a change!) and water depths up to 6 foot which is more than enough. In fact it is perfect, maybe that will be my next stop…

Highlight of the month was Mark Bakers’ capture of Charlie at 41lb 4oz from the Right Hand Point. Mark took one of Fryerning’s finest on a fluoro white pop up. This fish hasn’t been caught much this year and is a proper brute of a carp.

The previous day, Steve Dolby had a double take from…the Double swim. Unfortunately one came off but Steve wasn’t complaining too much as the other turned out to be a spanking great 34lb 4oz common! Typical, hardly a bite anywhere, then two bites at once- it must have been like Dolby Surround sound!

Mark Smith was next in line and he caught a 31lb common from the Car Park swim – in usual Fryerning fashion, this completed a run of four bites in four days before once again the lake switched off. This is a pattern we often see and is worth taking note of….
Last fish of the month came to the ever consistent James Ellis, who backed up last months capture of Four Scale with another jewel, this time in the form of the Pretty One. James caught the stunning old carp on Nashbait from the Double swim and it weighed a very impressive 35lbs.

I was on a casting and feature finding tutorial on the main lake last week and afterwards as I was walking back to the van, saw a good fish show on the Car Park lake. Over the next few short hours, I had 5 carp up to 22lbs, all from where the fish showed. It really was great fun and the fish scrapped like blazes so if you have some winter blues, why not get over there and get your string pulled?

That is all my friends, next month I will give you a round up of all the big carp highlights from Fryerning this year with a run down of all the 30s and 40s! Now, where is that Xmas wish list… I need to add on the Woodcarving and the Mommon!

Adam Penning