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January Update 2014 by Adam Penning

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This winter is shaping up to be one of the warmest on record, despite all the scaremongering in the Daily Mail that a meteorological holocaust was imminent in November! We might well get a cold spring – something we are getting more and more used to, but the winter, well, what winter?!


Despite this favourable succession of Westerly low pressure weather fronts, the catches at Fryerning have not been much better than last winter when it really was freezing! There have been plenty of people down having a go although last night when I went down to get the catch reports, not a single person was on site and the weather was perfect.

One thing we have seen from the fish that have been out is that the weights are most definitely up!!

Following James Ellis’ capture of XL Pecs at 41lbs over the New Year Period, he returned to take the formidable Nunn at a new high weight of over 44lbs in January. James is certainly on fire and some regular readers might remember that he was the man who had the phenomenal catch over the New Year the previous year – to the very day in fact!

I caught up with the man of the moment, to find out a bit about how he has done so consistently well over the previous year. James has been a member for 18 months and in that time has caught no fewer than 6 thirties (four of them over 35lbs!) and an incredible 8 forties!

Some of you might think that James must be a time bandit to achieve such results, but nothing could be further from the truth. Working full time as a roofer, James fishes every other weekend and occasional over nighters, totalling 6 nights a month. This goes to show that with some effort, amazing results are possible without becoming a bank tramp! There certainly aren’t many lakes where you could expect over half of your catches to be over 40lbs!

Speaking to James it became apparent that he is totally obsessed with the ‘right spot’ and will only feel really confident fishing from three or four swims on the lake. And guess what, none of them are the ever popular Lodge!

Fishing a snowman style set up, James goes to some length to ensure his rig settles perfectly when he has placed it in the right spot by adding a lot of foam to it. James says that after four minutes he has the ‘perfect presentation’ and so it has proven – a good rig in the right spot is all you need to do! Well done James and wishing you every success in catching your most desired, the Boss!

The other outstanding result for January was the consistent Phil Blanchard who bagged the Gurm at 50lb 10oz which was mission accomplished for the man who also managed to bag the Mommon at over 45lbs in the autumn. Top result fella!

It’s getting towards that notable February big fish period so if you are heading down – be lucky! Also please don’t forget to fill in the catch report at the Lodge if you bag one. Lastly, The Fryerning DVD is now out and has been fantastically received – if you haven’t seen it then check it out on the Fryerning FB and web pages – packed full of hints, tips and whackers!

Adam Penning