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Febuary Update 2014 by Adam Penning

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As I write we are on the cusp of my favourite season. The unusual winter has accelerated everything and right now, nature is acting (and looking) like the end of March or even early April.

I managed a rare couple of nights on the main lake and although nothing was caught, the lake really did seem to be coming alive. The geese were honking and getting territorial on the island, the swans were mating and the ducks seemed to be on Viagra. Blossom and buds were evident on all the trees and I even got bloody bitten by some sneaky critter! No doubt about it – things are waking up fast!

We spent the whole session staring at the water for signs and even saw one jump; and although it was the only one I sure it won’t be long before the Fryerning monsters start putting on the spring dolphin show.

The remarkable thing about this winter is that despite the incredibly warm and seemingly carpy weather, there have been less fish out of Fryerning than during last winter, which was one of the coldest in history! This hasn’t solely been isolated to our lake either; many big fish waters have still ‘shut up shop’ with only the odd bite. Answers on a postcard for that one!

The only thirty pounder to be banked from the main lake in the whole of February was the Dalmation, which fell to the rods of Seb Pereda at 34lb 12ozs.

Seb is a fan of the Sticky Baits range and baited with 2kg of Krill boilies, complementing that with a selection of both Krill and Bloodworm pellets. Seb fished a two day session in the Royal Box, on the end of the almost constant south westerly wind. He took the fish by casting to the drop off by a gravel bar – I will have to ask him where that one is!

Talking of the Bloodworm pellets that Seb used, that might be a very good tactic because Charlie told me he found a huge quantity of bloodworm blocking up the overflow last autumn. For sure the carp are feasting on these!

Conversely, the Valley Lake has been fishing very well, producing a string of notable captures over the month.

Charlie Walford nailed an absolutely gorgeous mirror of 25lb 7oz. The successful tactics were two pieces of fake corn presented on a KD rig, and placed inside a solid bag. Charlie baited over the top of this with a mixed particle spod mix.

Rob Russell also found success with one of the biggest commons in the lake at 31lbs. Rob caught the fish from the ’30 yard bar’ using Nashbait boilies and was a new personal best; great stuff!

Dave Elson fished the swim known as ‘Haulers Corner’ for a 28lb mirror and another personal best, Nashbait again doing the business.

Other anglers finding success on the Valley Lake were Tommy Huntley with a 25lb 12oz mirror, Tim Roberts with a 25lb 2oz mirror and Peter Gibson with a 26lb common.

 I fully expect the next report to read somewhat differently, especially where the main lake is concerned. Things are about to happen and I wish you all the very best of luck!

 Adam Penning