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Paul Palmer is on fire!

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There is certainly no stopping Paul Palmer at present, his latest session resulted in THREE upper thirties, here he tells all!

I went over to Fryerning Fisheries this week for a few nights and managed to land a Hat Trick of upper 30’s. 

When I arrived, the wind was strongly pushing into my recent favorite swim, and with conditions set to improve over the course of my session for that area, I was pleasantly surprised to see it vacant.

Rods out in The Millstone 

I took my time getting the rods precisely to their desired spots and was pleasantly surprised when a few hours later, in the glorious afternoon sunshine.. the rod tore of and eventually left me cradling the beautiful ‘Berties Linear’ at 37.12lb. This also had me fairly excited as to what else might be on the horizon. 

Paul with Berties Linear 37lb 12oz 

That night I unfortunately lost one, but early morning saw me land a second 30, none other than ‘Charlie’ at 36.10lb. Charlie is the oldest resident in the lake, which I later had an interesting conversation with one of the owners, on it’s history and original stocking many many years ago. 

The Historic Charlie at 36lb 10oz

The next 24hrs was surprisingly quiet, although I picked up 3 Tench which was very unusual for me on there.  I still felt very confident, and wanted to stay longer…So I asked the Boss ‘at home’ if I could stay the extra night…meaning a 5am pack up for work.  I am glad I did though as during the night my other rod went off and resulted in my first capture of another stunning resident the Zip Linear at 35.02lb. 

The final of the trio The Zip Linear at 35lb 2oz

I left the lake extremely pleased to have had an amazing session with another thirty plus Hat Trick.

The fish were caught on Mainline CELL frozen 18mil boilies, and fished in bags with approx. 1kg scattered on each rod. All three fish came from different spots and were hooked with baits presented on size 5 ESP T-6 barbless hooks using a knotless knot, with 20lb Korda N-Trap braid, using a fox inline 3.5oz pear lead with 15lb ESP Syncro XT.