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Aaron Woodcock has The Pretty One

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The Main Lakes carp have woken up and are now on the feed, with several fish out in the past few days. Aaron Woodcock cashed in on the lakes excellent form, catching Pretty One at a chunky 37lb. Here he tells his story.

March 7th 2017 - Weather conditions took a turn for the good and I headed up to the Main Lake with high hopes and more confidence than I'd had on previous sessions.

Arriving at the lake I took a walk around, chatting to a few of the anglers on route catching up on all the latest.

I'd seen via facebook and the website that four fish had been out in the last week or so,  two of the A-Team members from the  Box swim and another two carp from the millstone.

Scott Clark with The Boss at 51lb 8oz caught only days earlier

I spent a good twenty minutes or so in the millstone with the polaroids on trying to spot any kind of fish movement, however with a harsh chop on the water it made it difficult to see much happening.

Going on the previous catch reports I decided to fish from the Millstone and set about making camp and finding some spots to fish.

The first night was quiet on the fish front, the weather however was a different story. Unbeknown to me the wind had changed direction and rain had been smashing straight into me, I woke up soaked through!

Not to be deterred and with no sign of fish I reeled in and went for another walk as I saw a few other swims had now become available. I met a guy John fishing from the Damn double, and spent an hour or so talking all things carpy. I decided to stick it out in the Millstone and returned to the swim to carefully reset my traps for the night ahead.

Around 3.30am I was woken by a phone call from a friend and whilst chatting heard several fish bosh over my spots, It was looking good!

I was just getting back to sleep when I had a few beeps on my left hand rod. On went the trainers and I started walking to the rods in expectation of having a take.  Before I could get to the rods off it went with went the reel screaming and the alarm going wild.

The fish came in really easy until it was under the rod tip, where it woke up and run me a merry dance. After about 20 mins I had a nice scaly chap sulking in the sling!

Aidey fishing in the Box was kind enough to come around and take some snaps for me  and informed me the chunk I was holding was called ‘The Pretty one’ and doesn't often make an appearance.Needless to say I was over the moon.

Result, Pretty One 37lb what a result!

I fished a 15mm key cray bottom bait snowman style with a citrus pop up, 8 inches of Korda dark matter braid to size 4 Kaptor wide gape barbless hook.

After a run of blanks it was a huge relief to get my 2017 campaign up and running and what a fish to do it with!