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Darren Baker Smashes Fryerning Record

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With The Main Lake in a rich vein of form Darren Baker certainly fancied his chances when he got his rods out, but never in his wildest dreams could he have predicted what was to happen.

Setting up in The Royal Box, a swim with fantastic winter form Car Valeter Darrens session started off with a bang after landing a fantastic conditioned mirror of 37lb just a couple of hours after setting up. 

Caught just hours after getting the rods out 37lb 4oz!

Utterly content with his prize, Darren was still buzzing when his alarms burst into life for a second time a couple of hours later.

After a terrific battle of over 40 minutes he finally managed to net his prize and was completely blown away (as were those stood with him) with what was lying in the bottom of his net, The Gurm.

A fantastic conditioned Gurm

Once on the scales a reading of  55lb 4oz not only confirmed that Darren had absolutely smashed his previous P.B. by over 10lb, but that he was now Fryernings Main Lake record holder. 

Gurm at 55lb 4oz new P.B. and MainLake record

With a new P.B., venue record and a brace of fish for over 92lb, Darrens session was stuff dreams are made of and he left Fryerning completely buzzing and ready to celebrate with the family! 

Congratulations Darren!