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2016 Review, Looking Forward to 2017.

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2016 has seen some major steps forward with the fishery moving on leaps and bounds, showing why Fryerning has been labelled by many as the ultimate syndicate!


One of the biggest and most talked about moves was the eradication of the Turkish Slender Clawed Crayfish, a decision not taken lightly and made only after much research, thought and consideration.

Being a major food source for over 25 years, it was a concern that fish weights would suffer as a result, however we have seen growth rates rocket on all three lakes and supporting stock ponds. 

Turkish Slender Claws a thing of the past at Fryerning!

Over 7.5 tonnes of pellets were purchased and fed around the complex, members also kindly chipped in supplying countless amounts of boilies to compensate for the loss of the carps previous staple diet. 

Delivery of another two tonnes of pellets

Catch rates of our carp stock also increased dramatically like never before, I would estimate as much as 50% more carp where caught from the main lake with 50 carp caught over 40 to 50lb, & 100 over  30lb up to the end of November 2016.

The Valley lakes produced around 15 different 30s to just shy of 40lb so in 2017 we are again predicting more fish to move into the 40lb range and at least one more over 50lb, possibly the leather carp known as the Netted fish. I reckon its got something to do with our new nationally acclaimed CARP GOD, located on the dam of the main lake!

John Traveller with the Netted Fish- expected to go 50lb+ soon!

Interestingly however the last two months catch rates have slowed down due to lack of anglers on the bank, along with the explosion of natural food. One example is the dramatic recovery of the bloodworm beds, just imagine how much food 3-5 tonne of cray fish would eat in a season.

The roach removal has gone fantastically well with over a tonne removed, a reduction in biomass will only help to increase fish growth rates further in 2017! Many thanks to those who have been catching and removing them throughout the year, keep up the good work!

Roach will continued to be removed further improving growth rates.

As always we take great pride in creating and maintaining a fantastic, idyllic looking fishery and wildlife habitat which is safe & secure to all our members. 

Throughout 2016 we have once again been hard at it, planting more trees, including wild plum, ever green bamboos and wild flowers galore, especially around the Valley Lakes. 

Swims have also had a facelift this year with several new ones built and others benefitting from over 100 tonnes of stone placed around them. This will prevent bank side erosion and has improved angler comfort dramatically with ease of access to play and return fish after capture.

Swims have had a facelift this year

Those hardy souls who fish throughout the winter months will also benefit from a 75 meter drainage ditch which has been dug around the back of The Main Lake. This will vastly improve access to swims such as The Royal Box, Log and last swims.  

Improved drainage work on The Main Lake

More picnic benches were purchased at the start of the year and they have been well received, our anglers simply love them! During the fantastic summer we had they enhanced the whole fryerning experience making those social sessions a bit more civilised.

More picnik benches have been provided.

Members have also been hard at it and I would like to thank those who helped with work parties in 2016, much work was done and a good time was had by all. Its heart warming to see just how much our anglers care about there syndicate.

Work parties have been a major success.

We have now decided to slow down the angler activity on the complex here at Fryerning and concentrate more on the breeding and rearing of carp from our hatchery and stock ponds in 2017. 

Just a couple of weeks ago, over 200lb of hand picked, scaley carp were released into the Car Park Lake having been bread on site and grown on in our stock ponds. 

Like all our Fryerning fish they are are something very special indeed, with the shoots coming from the same gene pool as our A-Team fish in the Main Lake and have fantastic growth potential. These stunners are certainly the Gurms, Mommons etc of the future! Exciting times ahead, here at Fryerning.


Bread and grown on site, these carp are something special.

With top class facilities, an unrivalled friendly atmosphere, and mind-blowing fishing it is of little wonder Fryerning members take great pride in being part of this amazing syndicate.

We would like to wish all our members new & old a happy Christmas, followed by a healthy and successful fishing season in the new year 2017.  

The Carp God worked its magic in 2016, Bigger things are expected for 2017.