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Another Major Improvement!

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As always we are constantly reinvesting both time and money into the fishery at Fryerning.

Our most recent project has been undertaken on the Main Lake and has been hard work but certainly very beneficial for our much cherished members. 

Work Begins On Improving The Drainage

Over the past few years it has been noticeable that the winter weather has been wetter, resulting in the far side of the lake becoming very boggy and access to swims such as The Royal Box, Log and Last Swims troublesome.

To eradicate this we have been digging a 75 plus meter ditch all along the hedge bank to improve the drainage.

Just Part Of New Ditch

Spoil from the ditch has been used to sculpt the banks behind the island and create a mini point, a perfect spot to ambush those summer carp from.

Nothing is Done By half at Fryerning!