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NEW 50lb Common for Fryerning Fisheries

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James Ellis takes 9 fish including The Mommon at a new top weight of 50lb 2oz

James Ellis has just had the session of a lifetime on Fryerning Fisheries Main Lake.

Fishing from his favoured Box swim, James caught nine fish, but it was the first of which that really set tongues wagging.

After a fishless first night James recast at first light and just two hours later was rewarded with one of the complexes most sought after residents the Mommon.

James with a new 50lb Common

The huge Common weighed in at a new top weight of 50lb 2oz and is another landmark in the history of the complex with there now being 3 50 plus fish in the Main Lake.

The second fish of Jame’s record breaking haul came just hours later when he landed the aptly named Pretty One at 37lb 8oz.

The Pretty One at 37lb 8oz

The day didn’t end there though as just as it was getting dark a third fish graced our lucky member’s net and it was another stunner, the incredible WoodCarving which weighed in 45lb!

The Woodcarving at 45lb

The next day started where the first finished with James getting straight back amongst the fish with the classically shaped Round Tail Common at 38lb.

The first fish of day 2, The Round Tail Common at 38lb

Next up for James was one of the countries’ biggest leathers the incredible Netted fish at 45lb 14oz.

The Netted Fish completes Jame's haul at 45lb 14oz 

James went on to take 9 fish in total the biggest of the rest weighing in at 26lb.

What a session and again testament to the form of the Main Lake in the winter months.

Well done James, might be a while before someone beats this haul, or will it?!