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2015 END OF YEAR REVIEW by Carl Carlucci

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When Rhys Miles crashed through my bivvy door at 2.30am on a freezing January night to tell me he’d just caught the Gurm at 54lb, it set the benchmark for what was to be yet another incredible year down at Fryerning.

Rhys banked the complexes largest mirror in temperatures of minus six, whilst fishing the wrong end of the lake, in shallow water, on a bait cast out in the dark.

But that is one of the wonders of Carp fishing, it never ceases to surprise you and nowhere more so than down at Fryerning where you’re only ever a bleep away from the fish of a lifetime.

Rhys with the Gurm at 54lb

The Main Lake tends to steal the limelight away from our other lakes at times, but The Valley Lake hit new heights in 2015 and as spring arrived it was the scene for one of the complexes biggest hits of 2015 when Reece Thomas took 8 20s in under 48 hours.

A few weeks later Grant Sapsford took the Valley’s first brace of 30s, a feat which was equalled in May once again by Reece.

A mid 30 Common for Reece Thomas

There is a good head of 30s in the Valley now, and with plenty more fish set to break through the 30lb mark and even the possibility that the lake could produce its first 40, 2016 could well be the “Year of the Valley”.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my role at the fishery is being able to not only witness the capture of so many magnificent Carp but to share in the joy they give to the members.

There have been so many memorable moments this year that it’s difficult to choose from them. One of the highlights though would undoubtedly be Barry Bryson’s capture of the Mommon, it was a pleasure to see the unbridled delight of Barry as he cradled this colossus of a Common at a weight of 47lb 7oz.

Barry Bryson with The Mommon

Adam Penning broke his surface and zig caught PBs in a single session and it was a privilege to slip the net under the zig caught Berties Linear for him at a weight of 37lb 2oz, even if it was a bit of a hairy moment in the boat!

Adams pleasure was more than evident for those of us present and wonderful to see from a man who catches so many fish, a great moment.

Adam Penning with a new Zig caught PB

I was also fortunate to be able to net The Boss for Mark Shildrake as he made history when landing Fryerning’s second fifty and again when this goliath of a Carp was landed by Dave Cope at 52lb 12oz along with another fast growing superstar of a fish the impressive Emperor at 44lb 4oz. A near 100lb brace, an unbelievable session.

Another 50 for Fryerning & Mark Shildrake The Boss at 50lb 2oz 

So many incredible memories from what was an amazing year.

But as I said at the start of this piece, Fryerning never ceases to amaze me and I have a sneaky feeling that 2016 is going to be a very special year indeed.

The weight gains have been unbelievable this year and with so many of the biggies evading capture I’m convinced there are going to be some HUGE surprises in the coming year.

Realistically there could be 4 50s to aim at in 2016 and perhaps 20 40s, maybe more!

I certainly can’t wait to get back out there and give it a go, hope to see you down there, lets catch some carp!

Dave Cope with The Emperor at 44lb 4oz