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In another landmark moment in the history of Fryerning Fisheries we have this month started the process of eradicating the Crayfish from the complex.

We envisage that by removing the Crayfish from the waters that not only will our members be able to fish more effectively, and thus catch more fish, but that the fish, with less competition for food, will thrive and grow even bigger.

As part of this process, we have over the past weeks, been feeding a high protein pellet into all of the lakes which as well as ensuring a rich diet for the fish, will also encourage them into feeding on anglers baits rather that the wealth of natural food found in all of the lakes.

The introduction of the pellet has already had an impact on catches and none more so than on the Valley Lake where members have been enjoying some incredible fishing.

Charlie Herbert recently joined the Fryerning team and our new baliff has not only been helping with the daily tasks of running the fishery but has also helped himself to a couple of cracking fish.

Charlie took Mirrors of 28lb and a real beauty of 29lb 4oz on a couple of quick overnighters. It’s striking how many upper twenties have been coming out of the Valley recently and with continually good growth rates I’m sure there’ll be a host of new thirties in the forth coming months.

Charlie with a Valley Lake stunner

Young Oliver Bertram featured in last month’s update and has been at it again breaking his PB for I think the third time this year with a stonking Common of 34lb.

Oliver Bertram with yet another PB!

Another two anglers who improved their personal bests in September were Kevin Deeming with a Common of 35lb 8oz and Jonathan Boulton who took another Common of 33lb 12oz.

I’ve mentioned previously how surprising it is that fish can exist quiet happily for years without getting caught despite our members best efforts! In the Main Lake we have a couple of huge Grass Carp which despite being the size of a rod holdall have never graced the banks.

One Grass Carp that didn’t manage to get away this month though fell to the rods of Paul Palmer who was delighted with his new PB Grassie which weighed in at spotted on 40lb. I often wonder how big the uncaught ones are, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to be banked that we might see the British record mark pushed close!

Paul Palmer with a 40lb Grassy 

Neil Messenger is one of our most successful members and despite having not fished the Main Lake for several months dropped in for a couple of nights taking a brace of fish. First up Neil took the big koi, the Dalmation at 35lb 8oz and then a scale perfect Common of 35lb 10oz.

Neil Messenger with another Main Lake biggie

Well done to all the boys on their catches this month.

I was lucky enough to catch another couple of fish from the Main Lake this month topped by one of the complexes most desirable residents The Nunn at 44lb.

The fish came at range to an Urban Baits Nutcracker pop up fished over 2 kilos of freebies. The bait has been a bit of a revelation to my angling I’ll let you know next month if my good luck continues.

Until them I hope you all have a great month’s fishing! 

Carl Carlucci with The Nunn at 44lb