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August Update 2014 By Adam Pening

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The meteorological applecart was truly upset by the tail end of Hurricane Bertha – what was shaping up as a memorable summer has been torn asunder by high winds and some much needed rain.

The back half of August ended up being unseasonably cool and changeable but also heralded some great carp fishing conditions, and the fish responded with gusto!

Both night and day offered temperatures more like the end of October, with some nights being as cool as 4 degrees locally in Chelmsford; autumn it seems has arrived early and usually when this happens so late in the calendar, the hot days never make a return.

The main lake has continued to be fairly quiet with anglers but some who have rolled the dice have walked away with some very big carp under their belts.

Man of the month is undoubtedly Matt Rosenbloom (also affectionately known as Matt the Lawyer and the Bear Jew!). Matt has ‘upgraded’ his angling and his self confessed lazy days are now well behind him.  Putting in maximum effort and reading the water well, he went on to take no less than ten fish over two sessions! Although many were the small grown on commons, these can be hard to catch and were topped by two rare commons of 22lb and 28lbs. The pinnacle of his achievements was the Emperor at a new personal best of 38.10!

Matt has proved that with good observation skills and being prepared to angle intensely, the main lake can be made to look easy – well done mate!

Another result that made me smile was the affable Marky Bakers’ capture of the ever impressive Boss at a huge 45lbs. Like Matt, regular baiting, even throughout the night, ensured that there was some bait in the area when the carp turned up. Another well deserved capture for one of our ‘regular faces’!

The Left Hand Point is proving even more popular than the Lodge and not just with the anglers – it seems the fish are preferring to feed there too. Alan Dack continued to enjoy his retirement by recapturing the hugely desirable Mommon and backed it up with a 32lb mirror on his home made boilies. A succession of other captures has made this one of the more productive areas.

Looking through the monthly reports and the fluctuations in recorded fish weights, it seems clear that some members are having trouble weighing fish correctly. If you can, always get another member to assist you – big fish on the bank can be a handful and these are very old and precious fish.

If possible, I always prefer to unhook the fish in the net and completely remove the rig. If this cannot be done then it is best to cut the line close to the rig so that you do not have to worry about the rod. Under no circumstances should you roll the fish and line up in the net. If the line is rolled up with the mesh then damage can be caused on lifting. Ensure the hook is not caught in the mesh and the fins are flat to the body.

Before lifting the fish out of the water, wet your weigh sling, allow the water to drain out and then attach it to the scales. Now set the scales to zero (tare) - when the fish is placed in the sling, this will give you a weight of just the fish; a true accurate weight! When the fish is put into the sling and lifted, ensure any excess water is allowed to drain away before taking a reading.

That’s all from me – happy hunting!