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July Update 2014 By Adam Penning

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Here we are in mid-summer and it seems many of the UK’s anglers are away on holiday – the lakes all over the south east are generally very quiet indeed.

It’s great to see some lads and Dads teaming up for some school holiday sessions on the Car Park and Valley lakes. These lakes are absolutely perfect for introducing youngsters to the joys of carp fishing; I only wish I had access to somewhere like Fryerning when I was a lad – the perfect schooling ground!

Chris has now made it allowable for all anglers to set up a fourth rod as a float fishing rod and what could be better entertainment for a sunny afternoon than getting your son or daughter hooked into a hard fighting fish while you have your rods out for a whacker?!

Don’t forget we have a free to enter fun match on the main lake 7th September with the purpose of destocking in mind. Not only will you catch loads of fish, meet up and have a laugh with fellow members, you also stand a chance of winning a free t-shirt and hoodie.

Importantly you will be playing a part in helping to keep the Main Lake fish weights increasing. The match is open to all Fryerning members and one free guest. The match starts at 10am draw 9am in the lodge.

The fishing on the main lake during July has been very slow indeed but this is in no doubt due to the fact that hardly anyone has been fishing it! I managed an all too rare overnighter but drew a blank. However, I was privileged to witness the capture of the monstrous Mommon – the first time I have seen this coveted beast on the bank. What a fish it is in the flesh – incredibly long and totally immaculate.

The great fish fell to the rods of long time carp angler and all round nice guy, Alan Dack who has been hard at it since before most of you reading this were born! Alan tempted the fish from the Left Hand Point using a home made boilie, which must have been very satisfying indeed. Personal bests come along very rarely when you have been fishing as long as Alan and so he was naturally overjoyed to have banked one of the best mid forty pound commons around, well done mate!

Other news saw Jason Hall take a fine brace of whackers from the Graveyard swim. The two mirrors weighed 35.8 and 37.4 – both being personal bests and falling to Cell boilies.

The Valley lake has continued to fish very well indeed with a lot of twenties being caught. Lewis Sherwood bagged a fine brace topped by a scaly 22lb mirror, again on Cell. The floater fishing has been very productive for those who have had a go and Matt the Lawyer has been having a few out on short afternoon sessions.

Lastly, another change has been made to the rules which will, I am sure, lead to a few more whackers being caught this winter. For the winter period between when the clocks change at the end of October and when they change back again in the spring, Chris is allowing the moderate use of maggots. Please check the actual dates in your diary as the use of maggots outside this period will be considered as a rule breech.