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June Update 2014 By Adam Penning

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I went down to the lakes last night to pick up the catch reports and there were only two people on the main lake!

It was exactly the same when I went down for a wander  a week or two previously. Whether this is ‘World Cup syndrome’ or something else, I don’t know, but the lakes are quiet and the fish are waiting to be caught! As soon as I get a spare night, I will be up there like a shot as due to work, I haven’t fished it for a while.

This is the time of year when often, the fishing can be a little easier – the fish have spawned and are hungry everywhere. If you are heading down, I’d suggest taking a good quantity of hemp and boilies.

First up on the June roll call is Adrian Hunt who bagged a superb trio of Fryerning chunks from the Lodge weighing 30.1, 30.10 and 35.8. Adrian used Mainline boilies to amass his superb catch.

One member who I know very well is Matthew Rosenbloom and he has battled resiliently through a series of mind testing blanks. I am delighted to report that Matt has successfully emerged from the other side with the splendid Charlies Mate at a new personal best of 35lbs. The successful swim was the last one on the opposite bank and Urban Baits made sure the long walk paid off in fine style. Well done mate!

Barry Byson bagged a brace of mid thirties from the Royal Box with both bites coming at almost exactly the same time on consecutive days. Early morning bites are common at this time of year and Barry made the most of the feeding spell by bagging the impressive Stripe at 34.12 and the Dalmation at 35.5. Mainline Cell doing the business on this occasion.

Peter Hudd had a session in the Lodge and bagged his first UK fifty in the inimitable form of the monstrous Gurm at 51lbs. Adding a 35lb mirror and then the Pretty One at 37lb, Peter rounded the session off rather nicely with the Chunk at 41.4. Urban Baits did the business on a session that he won’t be forgetting in a hurry!

Lots of brace and multiple catches this month and next up is Brandon Gildharry who definitely gets the award for the best name in the syndicate! Brandon fished both the Left Hand Point and the Right Hand Point to take the hugely desirable Lukes Common at 40.6 and then the Rudder at 34lbs. These were Brandon’s first catches from the lake and Lukes was a new personal best, so he opened his account in fine style! 

After his simply stunning catch at the end of last month,  Darren Taylor has returned to prove it was no fluke. The ‘top rod’ on the lake took a brace of 35lb mirrors from the Right Hand Lodge using Urban Baits Nutcracker.

To finish we have an outstanding result in the form of a rare surface capture! Ian Davis bagged the lovely 4scale at 39.4 from Thatchers Point. I was very envious when I saw this – what a great capture, well done Ian!!!

Lastly, the new facilities are going down a treat and thanks to all the members for keeping them nice. Remember, you do need a carp cradle to fish the lakes and it is barbless only!

See you next month!