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May Update 2014 By Adam Penning

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Well that’s it folks – May is done and dusted!! The best month in many peoples’ opinion is now behind us and what a month it has been down at Fryerning!!


Things should now start to quieten up now. The fishing will get a little harder, the fish will probably have spawned by the time you read this and of course there is the little matter of a football tournament – the quieter weeks ahead are my favourite time to be at the lake.

The consistent Peter Hudd is still doing plenty of time but still catching plenty of fish! He started May in fine style with a hat trick of fish from the Millstone. Fish of 27lb, 35.14 and a new personal best 37.12 rounded off a superb session. Nutcracker proved successful on this occasion.

After some frustrating early spring sessions, Steve Bell has managed to find the key and bagged fish of 37.12 (the Dalmation) and a 39.7 mirror. Both fish coming from the Left Hand Point and falling to Mainline baits. Steve rounded the month off perfectly with the highly desirable Netted Fish at over 43lbs, well done!! Keep em coming fella!

Phil Blanchard made a detour from Dinton Pastures and dropped in at exactly the right moment – the fish were in one of his favoured areas at the back of the island and Phil deftly extracted no less than FOUR fish over his session. Phil had a old looking 29lb common along with mirrors of 32lbs and a brace at 34 plus, all bites coming to Nashbait. What an outstanding result!


All round nice fella and professional photographer Marky Baker nailed a cracking 33lb mirror from the Royal Box on a PVA bag. Marky arrived from work dressed in a suit – shame he didn’t have the picture taken in his suit too! Well done mate!

The outstanding capture of the month and the best Fryerning story to be played out since I joined was during a session had by the Darren, AKA the Snake Charmer. Darren is one of the venue regulars and despite catching more fish each year than some of the other members put together, he has always been a little unlucky with the big girls. In fact I had often thought it odd that he had caught so many but never had a forty, but sometimes that is the way the cookie crumbles. I said to him not long ago that when he got his first one, the second would probably come along straightaway; little did I know how fortuitous my prophecy would be…

I spoke to Darren about his latest session and here’s the story…

Moving into the Left Hand Lodge just before a big predicted weather change, Darren set up and as evening descended, noted the weather was getting ‘carpier by the second’ – it looked perfect and confidence was super high. The casting was long range and after suffering a few tangles, he chose to drop to short links and tiny sticks. As many of you will know, Darren has been craving his first forty for a long time and has often had to suffer being the ‘bridesmaid’. This session however was to be the turning point and an evening run delivered that craved first forty in the formidable shape of the Nun at a huge 44lb 10ozs.

The buzz was incredible as finally the dream had been delivered but Darren had little time to bask in it as another rod melted off! That fish came off but minutes later ANOTHER rod was off and after a truly epic fight he netted the Gurm at 51.12! Just like buses – two monsters in minutes!

Suitably blown away, the Snake Charmer was unable to sleep and proceeded to take the Dalmation at 36.8 and then a 34.15 mirror just after dawn. What an amazing session!

He told me ‘The missus was away on holiday and I was under orders to be on hand, looking after the shop but I saw the weather and told the girls that I was popping out for a night and to not say anything! After that result it was a bit hard to keep it all quiet and picking my missus up at the airport afterwards I had no choice but to spill the beans!’

Summing up his epic session, Darren said that when driving home, he didn’t think he was fit to drive because his ‘head was all over the place!’ Brilliant stuff and just how carp fishing should make you feel! From now on I might call you the Carp Charmer!!