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March Update 2014 By Adam Penning

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The vernal Equinox has now passed; the days are the same length as the nights and steadily getting longer!

The carp on all the lakes have now fully woken up and although they are not giving themselves up very easily, they are at least quite visible which helps make the session a lot more interesting and allows you to make sure you are right where you need to be.

I have done some work with a client there this week on a tutorial and we saw 15 shows in total – very exciting! But as I said, the fishing is still hard and despite a lot of effort from ten anglers, only one fish came out all week. The fish in question was the wonderful Stripe and weighed in at 33.12 to the ever consistent Snake Charmer. I was on hand to help with the pictures and what a privilege it was to see such a corking scaley mirror in its winter colours, for my money one of the best fish in the lake – well deserved Darren!!

There have been a few other captures over the preceding couple of weeks and two of them were members of the A Team and both came from the Point swims. First up was Mick Forbes who banked the wonderful Nun at 41.4 on Nashbait. The fish was down in weight from its previous best due to towing a rig which was caught up in a branch – luckily Mick was able to free the fish and send it off strongly.

The Boss fell to the rods of Rob Russell at a weight of 42lbs, again Nashbait doing the business. This is an amazing looking fish and definitely one I would like to meet up with.

The last of the big ones to come out was to one of the older members who showed the youngsters the way home with a corking personal best common of 37lbs – well done Barry!

The Valley lake has been fishing very well with a lot of twenties being caught. Matt Rosenbloom took a break from the main lake and was rewarded with a corking 28lb mirror – one of the few leathery ones in the lake and a real bruiser which he took on a fishmeal boilies, Matthew Brooks new member also had a 31lb common followed by another 18lb common on his first visit.

Around the lake, the usual high level of maintenance has been going on and although the new toilet facilities are still not quite ready, there has been a dumper load of woodchip delivered which will be spread onto the swims that really need it.

The big news is something you will all be glad to hear – the crays are being harvested!! I watched a huge amount being taken away today and this will continue every two weeks throughout the spring. The main nets are in the Millstone bay, Car Park bay and the Lodge so if you are fishing when the Cray Man comes round, be prepared to wind in so he can use his boat. He is doing some very good work!!!

That’s all for now – be lucky chaps!

Adam Penning