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Fryerning catch culture

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We know Fryerning Syndicate members are careful and considerate anglers but no-one should forget the basics after a catch.

Here we list some basic Fryerning Catch Culture steps that will help you enjoy your success and ensure the fish is returned to the water with the least possible stress to it.

Rig safety – always make sure all aspects of your rig are safe and in good order. If your line broke, for example, would the fish be OK? Speak to an expert third party if in doubt

Ensure your unhooking mat, weigh sling and landing net are up to the job. Forceps and a pair of cutters are useful in case the fish is hooked deeply

Be prepared – even if you have been lakeside for hours without a catch always be ready for the big moment – camera, scales, care kit and a wetted mat will help you deal quickly and efficiently with the fish. NEVER leave a fish unattended on your mat and always have a bucket of lake water ready

Extra bodies – one or two fellow anglers to help with handling the fish and the photography are always a help

When lifting the fish from the water, make sure the fins and pecs are flush to the body so as not to cause damage. Inspect the fish for sign of injury or disease and inform Chris or Charlie if anything looks amiss

When putting your Carp into the weigh sling, make sure your scales are zeroed to the sling. There is no need to lift the fish too high from the ground. With a really big fish place a storm pole through the top of the scales and rest them on another’s shoulders

When lifting a fish for photos place one hand around the front pec and the other around the anal fin. If it flips let it rest on your forearm and gently lower it on to the wetted mat

With your photo's taken, return the fish to the water. Let the sling fill with water, lift the head out and hold on to the wrist of the tail. The fish will kick a few times and blow some bubbles out of its gills when it is ready to swim off. Hold on to it until it does

Respect all the fish you catch, even if it is not a Carp  

Remember your Fryerning Catch Culture when you land that superb fish and enjoy your angling to the full