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Elliot Bertram The Nunn!

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Elliot Bertram is on top form at the moment landing carp pretty much on every visit. Here he tells us all from his latest session.

'Driving home from work on Wednesday 9th August I looked at the moody weather and thought, ‘This doesn’t look like August!’

From that moment I decided to squeeze in a short overnight session. I got home and restocked before heading down to Fryerning.

Arriving at the lake around 5:30pm I was pleasantly surprised to see the lake was relatively quiet. After a quick look around, conditions looked spot on for one of my favourite swims, Right Hand Point. With westerly winds, rain and low pressure, I had a hunch that the fish would be in that area of the pond. With limited time on my hands I quickly got my gear before dark and whilst setting up I kept an eye on the water. Soon after, a fish stuck its head out at about a 100 yards and I was confident I made the right swim choice.

Right Hand Point

The rods were out by half six, two of them on spots I had caught from on previous sessions. I fished with IB and fruity squid slow sinking corn. I then proceeded to put just over a kilo of bait out over the spots. I continued to watch the water as I cooked dinner and the fish kept showing and they were gradually getting closer to the spots. It was soon 9 pm and after a long day I could barely keep my eyes open, before hitting the sack I had a quick chat with the angler next door, whilst chatting I thought I could hear something in the background…

The fish kept on showing, filling me with confidence

I looked over my shoulder and my left hand rod had an absolute one tonner, I rushed to the rod, as I approached the tip was bent round as line peeled off the spool. I picked up the rod and at first it didn’t feel a large fish, however it soon kited towards my left taking line uncontrollably. This was big! After 20 minutes of backbreaking side straining I was relieved to see the fish was tiring. Suddenly it gave up and I recognised the fish as The Nunn, one of the A team, before she had a chance to make one last dash for freedom she was scooped into the net. I let out a sigh of relief and wondered who was more exhausted, me or the fish?

I looked down at the fish sulking in the cells and was blown away by its width. I got my camera gear and weighing equipment ready whilst I tried to compose myself, shocked that I manage to tame a main lake lump in such a short space of time. We got her on the scales, 41lb 12oz; to say I was happy about deciding to do an overnighter was an understatement!

The Nunn 41lb 12oz

I went to bed later than expected however waking up for work the next day was made easier knowing I had caught a UK 40. I quickly packed up and left the lake just after 7am, driving to work with a huge smile on my face.

Elliot Bertram