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Fryerning record smashed again!

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The Main Lake record has been smashed again this time at a whopping 55lb 14oz by Lee-Ann Fletcher.

Here is Carfeeds article on the historic catch:

'Lee-Ann Fletcher smashed a venue record with this 55lb 12oz mirror as she shared a five-fish haul with her partner.

Tackling the Main Lake at Fryerning Fisheries, Lee-Ann caught the Gurm at a new top weight, plus a 37lb 2oz mirror.

Her partner Phil Blanchard also got in on the act at the Essex venue with mirrors of 40lb 4oz and 33lb, and a 32lb 2oz common.

"She was blown away by the Gurm," said Phil, "I don't think she was expecting it!

"I had that fish in 2014 and I saw it turn when she was playing it, so I had a good idea which one it was. 

"There were a few people watching and I think had we told her which fish we thought it was she might have started losing it. She was shaking a bit when it was on the bank!"

Lee-Ann with The new venue record 55lb 14oz

The couple, from Ipswich, fished for 48 hours across a weekend and at one point on Friday evening each landed 30-pounders just seconds apart.

The five fish, and another one which Lee-Ann lost, were the only bites the lake produced over the weekend.

“It was an incredible session,” said Fryerning boss Charlie Knowles.

The pair fished snowman rigs with Mainline Cell and Milky Toffee hookbaits and their rigs featured 5oz inline leads, size 6 Longshank hooks and ESP hooklinks.

Casting to open water 40yds out, Lee-Ann and Phil attached PVA bags of crushed and whole boilies to their rigs and baited with a further 30 to 50 free offerings each time.

Lee-Ann with Gurm