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'An Awesome Weekend!'

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These are the words Tom Scullion used to describe the weekend he and good mate Alex Milligan shared on the ‘red hot’ Valley Lake.

Setting up on a hot, sticky, Friday evening at the begining of July, it was instantly obvious that the lakes vast shoals of big mirrors and commons were basking in the the suns rays, and most probably uninterested in feeding.

With the far from ideal conditions, which suited sun bathing more than angling the pair decided to target shallower marginal spots, a stealthy approac, keeping bankside disturbance to a minimum ..... propper carp fishing 

Using the awesome Mainline Cell boilies as hookbait and a mixture of particles and pellets ,whole and chopped boilies as feed, the pair primed several likely looking spots and placed rigs in excitedly, full of anticipation.

The well though out approach worked beyond their wildest dreams, with action starting almost imediately and the two of them landed three fish just short of 20lb in a short space of time.

Over the next 48 hours the pair went on to land an astonishing FIFTEEN carp up to 30lb 3oz between them, an incredible bit of angling given the conditions.

They started off small, but kept getting bigger.

A bruiser! 21lb 8oz

Beautifull! 28lb 12oz

Stunning! 25lb 8oz  

Mint condition! 20lb 6oz

A real scrapper! 21lb 12oz 

Fantastic condition! 25lb 8oz

Tom with the largest. 30lb 3oz

An Incredible fish. 23lb 12oz

Truly amazing! 29lb

It’s a session that neither Tom nor Alex will forget anytime soon, it just doesn’t get any better catching numbers of stunning carp, in glorious surroundings during glorious weather.