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Paul Palmer has a brace of forties

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Paul Palmer rarely leaves The Main Lake at Fryerning without having to scribble in the catch report before he goes and his latest session was no different!

Here Paul tells us his all from another amazing session at Fryerning!

'I went over to Fryerning Fisheries this week for a session and managed to land a brace of 40’s. I’d not been since mid April, but the first night in my chosen swim was looking good so I spent a fair time making sure the traps were primed and set just how I wanted them. 

Around midnight I had a screaming take that unfortunately ended  in a hook pull.  Knowing I would not be able to get back on my exact spot until daylight….i just flicked it in the general direction but still full of confidence knowing fish were on me! 

In the early hours of the morning, a coot picked up my second rod, which left me thinking that my chances had been blown for that night…feeling slightly disappointed, I also flicked that one out in the general direction, not even making the effort to change the bait.. conceding until first light. 

How wrong was I….it just goes to show that anything can happen, when that rod proceeded to rip off about two hours later. 

A good fight, which forced me into the lake's margins for netting..resulted in a fish  I dearly wanted and had onl;y been saying that evening I’d really like to catch…a lovely mirror know as the Emperor..

Paul with The Emperor 40lb

It weighed in at 40lb on the dot and already had me pleased with the trip.

 A fish he dealy wanted, The Emperor

The next morning things were to get even better when the alarms once again sprung into life and I landed yet another A team member known as the Nunn @41.12lb.

The Nunn at 41lb 12oz and A Fryerning brace of 40s

I felt extremely pleased to have had another Fryerning 40’s Brace…and this fish also marked my 30th UK forty plus Carp Capture.  Happy Days !!

The winning baits and tactics included 18mm Mainline Cell boilies, fished in a bag with approx 1kg scattered on each rod at 70 yards range to an overhanging tree on an island.

The fish was hooked with the bait presented on a size 5 ESP T-6 barbless hook using a knotless knot, with 20lb Korda N-Trap braid, using a fox inline 3.5oz pear lead.'

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