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Adam Penning campaign starts!

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Adam Penning is 11 nights into his Fryerning campaign here he tells his story of his first fish a 35lb 2oz mirror.

Last week I was fortunate to enough to catch the first carp of my campaign on Fryerning. It came on my 11th night of the year, just as I was starting to think I had lost all ability to catch them!

Stunning and rarely caught 35lb 2oz.

If you are going through a tough period then just remember, the longer you go without a bite then the nearer you are to getting one!

All the hard works finally paid off.

The belting mirror weighed just over 35lbs and fell to a bit of chopped boilie and some particle. It might well be my only fish for a few months so I am going to wallow in the victory!

To be continued