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Paul Palmer lands the gambler.

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Paul Palmer has been a member for quite some time now and every year seems to get among The Main Lakes A-Team.

Here Paul tells his story:

'I went over to Fryerning Fisheries this weekend for a few of nights, Initially with the intention of fishing the Valley Lakes and avoid the weekend anglers on the Main Lake.

After walking round and speaking to one of the members, I was informed that The Millstone, the swim I fancied was due to become vacant.  After speaking to the angler in the said swim it transpired that I was looking at a potential 7hr wait, but was adamant that this was the right decision. 

Half a day later, and what seemed like an eternity of socializing round the lake, and consuming my own body weight in Tea..I moved in, and was buzzing to see plently of fish showing themselves in this area.

I was absolutely convinced I was going to catch that night, but nothing happened, leaving me feeling a bit rejected in the morning. 

Still seeing some activetity, I stuck to fishing the same spots  and on the following morning I was woken by 3 bleeps.  As I moved to the rod the indicator had gone still, but I simply heard several very slow clicks of the spool turning..not even enough to register on the alarm. 

Witnessing this I decided to pull up, and thankfully felt the rod curve….steadily playing an absolutely pristine mirror which goes by the name of ‘The Gambler’ into the net. 

After having a six month House Decorating absence from the lake, I had only gone back in April, and this was my first fish of 2017.

It’s the first time I’ve seen this carp, and was extremely pleased to have caught it at a great weight of 40.12lb.


This fish was caught on Mainline CELL frozen 18mm boilies, and fished in a bag with approx. 1kg scattered on each rod, I fished at 70 yards range to an overhanging tree on an island.

The fish was hooked with the bait presented on a size 5 ESP T-6 barbless hook using a knotless knot, with 20lb Korda N-Trap braid, using a fox inline 3.5oz pear lead, on 3lb tc 13ft Century NG rods, and Shimano Big Baitrunners loaded with 15lb ESP Syncro XT.

Paul Palmer