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Paul Palmer gets the whinger!

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The vastly experienced Paul Palmer rarely get to do more than a quick overnighter so when he got the chance to do 48 hours he made the most of it.

Here paul tells us all:

'I went over to Fryerning Fisheries this week and fished for a couple of nights. On Arrival, My first swim choice was taken…but I stood in another swim the Dam Wall Centre watching the strong wind creating waves in front of me, and also a number of carp breaking the surface in the ripples.  I therefore decided to give it a go, with the option of moving into my first choice swim the following night. 

I fished at approx 60yards and put a nice scattering of Mainlines finest boilies across all three rods in all i put approx 1kg on each rod. Rigs wise I was presenting a bait on a size 5 ESP T-6 barbless hook using a knotless knot, with 20lb Korda N-Trap braid, using an inline 3.5oz pear lead.

Mainline Cell, Pauls choice of bait

At around 3.30 am my middle rod ripped off and I had a great fight with a fish in the darkness.  When I saw it in the net it was much bigger than I had originally thought…and turned out to be a carp known as the Whinger which was nicely up in weight and one I haven’t had. 

Whinger 39lb and looking good

The following night I moved into my first choice swim but was unsuccessful, and wished I’d stayed put….but still went home a Happy Chap with this cracking mirror.'