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Winter Tree Clearing

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One of the problems having a fantastic landscaped venue lined with Trees and shrubs like the Fryerning complex has is the amount of work it is keeping on top of it all. Very much like our fish, the trees and vegetation just keeps growing at a very quick rate.

As you can imagine it is a mamouth job keeping on top of it all, but here at Fryerning we take great pide in the venue and strive to keep our reputation as the best kept Carp Fishing syndicates out there.

During the month of December when most people were preparing for Christmas, battling it out in ques, the team at Fryerning were busy doing some much needed tree work and bank clearing.

Many hours were spent with chain saws, strimmers, hedge cutters and rakes in hand. We litterally pushed hundreds of tonnes of branches through our chipper. 

Swims which had troublesome overhanging branches were made comfortable for the months ahead and many snags in the water were removed.

Several of our members got in on the action too giving the team some much needed help with the clearing up.

Whilst the chippings and scub was burnt the larger logs were utilised and stacked creating nice little features around the banks and a fantastic wildlife habitat.

By carefully selecting the trees to be removed and some considerate pollarding the remaing trees will most certainly flourish further improving the venue for years to come.