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Barley Straw = Fish Weight Gains!

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In our quest to get our first 60, even more 50s and huge weight gains all round, we are once again on it!

A couple of years ago we introduced barley straw sausages around the complex to further improve our already excellent water quality.

A daunting task at first but the results cant be argued with!

This had an amazing effect with the Carp packing on the pounds and looking in top condition.

In 2015 water quality and fish weight gains improved massively

With help from dynamic duo young Fin and dad Mark Richardson we began forming the sausages, stuffing Barley Straw into a special nylon mesh.

Perfectly formed and ready to go The Barley Sausages

This year we invested into a special netting machine which allows us to create uniform, tightly packed sausages, the mesh alone costs close to £200 but is a vital piece of kit.

Wrapped several times and securely tetherd to a guide rope these sausages are virtually indestructable to the elements and the wildlife.

Off they go ready for placing around all three lakes

Once finished we strategically placed the required amount in all three Lakes, making sure they would not interfere with anglers yet would work there magic to the maximum.

Strategically placed for maximum effect

All though hard work and costly we know through past experience this process is a winner, ensuring we have the best conditioned water for the best fish going!

The effort certainly equalls the rewards!