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More fish for the Valley Lakes!

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At Fryerning we never stand still and are always thinking to the future and trying to improve the venue for the years to come.

A good example of this was the fish we stocked into The Valley lake at the end of February. Twenty of our own bred, hand picked carp were released into the valley to thrive alongside our already impressive stocks.

Our own Fryerning fish, something special!

Chosen on looks and growth potential the fish came from the same gene pool as our A-Team fish in The Main Lake and are something very special indeed.

Any angler would be happy with this fish!

These fish can only be as simply stunning and full of character with a good variety of commons and scaley mirrors.

Quick growing good quality fish.

The Car Park Lake has also recieved an injection of our own Fryerning beauties with over 200lb of fish being introduced from our on site stock ponds. Like the fish introduced into The Valley Lake these were all hand picked and are of the highest pedigree.

The fish stocked into the Car Park Lake, Stunning! 

Introduced in December 2016 These fish are guaranteed to grow fast, look good, feed and fight hard, giving years of pleasure ahead for our lucky anglers.

Years of hard work went into breeding fish like this beauty!

WOW what a catch A quick stock take of the Car Park Lake Feb 2017

Draining one of our many stock ponds