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Gurmintrude out at her heaviest!

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Robert McMahon has just finished a session on the main lake he will never forget.

The Custom Corn co-manager has by his own addmission, been struggling of late to get to grips with the Main Lake and three days into his latest session it was looking like going a bit Pete Tong with no action coming his way. 

Rather than just sit back and let the fish come to him, Rob did the pro-active thing and moved swims to the Steps after seeing several showing fish and knowing the previous form of the swim.

Twenty spombs of hemp and corn were then placed over a hard spot at 80 yards and a little time later he was away.

Rob unwrapping his prize after a mamouth scrap.

Rob had managed to land The Main Lakes current largest resident Gurm, in top condition and at an increddible 54lb 8oz her equall heaviest weight.

Gurmintrude at a mind blowing 54lb 8oz her equal heaviest.

Gurm has been out at this massive weight previously whilst holding spawn, however this capture was post spawning with her collosal bulk down to heavy feeding.

A fantastic conditioned Gurm how big will she be next time? 

Its anyones guess just how big this main lake giant will get but if it continues at this rate it will get truly massive over the coming months.

Rob Straining to hold 54lb 8oz of solid Fryerning Carp