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Carp Gods Powers Working Already

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After much anticipation, many thousands of hammer blows, much head scratching and countless cups of tea, the mighty Carp God is now complete.

Artist and Sculptor Alistair Smith has now completed the colossal statue, with it now standing proudly upon the dam wall double, over looking the magical Main Lake.

Carp God about to begin his journey to the Dam Wall

Nearly in situ, Carp God just minutes before being installed.

Its powers were shown and proven instantly, when member of over eighteen years Bertie helped to install Carp God was rewarded hours later with a fish he much sought after, The Mommon at a terrific post spawning weight of 50lb 6oz.

Bertie with The Mommon at 50lb 6oz the first angler to feel the power

The following day Bertie gave Carp God a pat on the back and thanked him for such a special fish. Once again Bertie was rewarded with his kindness and belief in Carp Gods powers with a rarely caught stunning 37lb Leney Mirror known as The Riddler.

And again! Bertie with The Riddler a rarely caught 37lb Leney

Bertie is certainly the first to bennefit from its powers but were sure he wont be the last.

Carp God keeping watch over the magical Main Lake.