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DECEMBER 2015 UPDATE by Carl Carlucci

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Fryerning has a history of producing the goods in the colder months and December certainly didn’t disappoint, as members ended the year in style with some amazing captures including another record fish for the complex.

The first fish of the month came to new member James Drury who got his Valley Lake campaign off to a cracking start with a beautifully scaled mirror of 29lb. The fish coming to an Urban Baits nutcracker bait just as James was packing up!

James Drury with his first Valley Lake fish a Mirror of 29lb

Shaun Clancy is another member who has got off to a flyer on the Valley smashing his PB with a pretty 27lb 8oz Mirror on only his second trip to the fishery.       

The weight gains across the complex have been nothing short of remarkable in 2015 and with so many fish in the upper 20s bracket on the Valley we are sure to have a rake of new 30s in 2016 and maybe even a 40!

Dan Davies has been fishing Fryerning for years and although he only has a handful of trips a year he has an uncanny knack of extracting a lump or two out of the Main Lake. Dan popped down to renew his membership and take in a 48 hour session at the same time and was rewarded with Four Scale at a new high weight of 42lb,the big mirror coming to a pop up fished just off of a big bed of bait at 80 yards.

Dan Davies with Fourscale

Paul Palmer has had some memorable sessions fishing from the Main Lakes Dam Double having previously caught 3 40s and a 50 from the swim. So it was no surprise when he magiced up another capture from his favourite pitch on his latest trip when he landed the incredible Berties Linear yet another fish up in weight at 39lb 12oz.

Paul Palmer with Berties Linear

And so to the last capture of 2015 and a fabulous brace of fish to member Dave McCarthy. Dave hadn’t seen a single show in the first 24 hours of his session on the Main Lake when totally out of the blue he received a belting take which resulted in him banking one of the waters most stunning fish the Stripe at 39lb 9oz.

Dave and The Stripe 

Dave was obviously delighted with the capture but confessed to being absolutely stunned when having just returned the fish, and in the process of putting his net together, his alarm signalled another take!

A short while later and Dave was cradling another of the Main Lake’s finest, the Dalmatian at a new high weight of 39lb 10oz. Two fish in under 30 minutes and a new complex record Koi for Dave.

What a way to finish the year and what a year it has been with a new 50 on the Main Lake and in all likelihood another two new 50s currently swimming around just waiting to be caught, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

With the Crayfish removal now well under way and with what could well be a golden era in the history of the complex in front of us, I have a feeling 2016 could well be the best year ever at Fryerning!