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NOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE by Carl Carlucci

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Fryerning has historically always fished well in the colder months and with the fish at their top weights and in pristine condition the lakes are always capable of producing something special to the winters stalwarts amongst us. However even the most optimistic angler could not have predicted the incredible near 100lb brace landed by one lucky member this month.

Dave Cope has enjoyed unrivalled success on his first year as a member of the Main Lake and has made several multiple captures including a brace of fish in June which culminated in a new PB mirror of 46lb 14oz.

But little could have prepared Dave, for what he himself said was, the session of a lifetime. A quiet first night fishing from the Box swim was followed by an unbelievable 6 hours which began with the capture of The Boss at a new high weight of 52lb 12oz.

This colossus of a fish has packed on over 6lb since its last capture, when it was spawned out. Now a true 50, the sky is the limit for this enormous framed Mirror.

Dave cradles the Boss at 52lb 12oz

Despite being shell shocked by his capture of the Boss, Dave fished on and was rewarded with The Emperor at a new top weight of 44lb 4oz. This fish hadn’t been caught in over a year when it had weighed in at 38lb 10oz, another huge weight gain and another fish with huge potential for the future.

Congratulations to Dave on his fantastic session. 

Dave with The Emperor up 6lb at 44lb 4oz               

The growth rates we’ve seen this year aren’t coincidence, sure there is an abundance of natural food in the lakes, but a great deal of effort is put into managing the waters to optimize the conditions in which our fish can thrive.

This month we have continued with the process of removing the Crayfish from the lakes and two netting cycles have now been completed. The ultimate objective is to maintain steady  growth rates whilst improving even further our members captures. If things continue as they are I’m sure we will have a handful of 50 plus Carp for the 2016 season, amazing stuff.

November saw long time member Bert add yet another fish to his impressive tally, landing the much sought after warrior that is the Nunn, at a weight of 46lb 8oz.

Bert has caught lots of fish from the Main Lake over the years including The Gurm at a complex record weight of 54lb 8oz, however he was particularly delighted with this capture as it was one of those occasions where everything went to plan.

Having moved swim following the sighting of a fish, Bert baited a spot at close range with Nash Key bolies and was rewarded with the huge mirror just a few hours later.

Well done to Bertie on a great piece of angling.

Bert with another biggie The Nunn at 46lb 8oz

The fish don’t give themselves up easily on the Main Lake and each and every capture is hard earned. Jason Sharpe has kept at it all year and recently landed a real corker of a Mirror in the shape of the Stripe at a weight of 39lb 2oz.

This fish came on a overnighter between work and fell to a bed of boilies fished at close range. A great result for Jason.

Jason with The Stripe at 39lb 2oz

Finally, I’d like to wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

And may all of your Christmas Carp be crackers!