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Lucky angler wins syndicate membership and tutorial with Adam Penning!

David Salmon has won the competition we ran to celebrate the launch of Fishery.co.uk

Our winner receives a years free membership to Fryerning Fisheries Valley Lake along with a tutorial with angling legend Adam Penning.

A tutorial with Adam Penning was just part of the winners prize 

David was ecstatitic when we informed him that he'd won as he vary rarely enters competitions let alone wins them!

David is a bit of an all round angler and enjoys float fishing for roach as much as surface fishing for Carp, he'll certainly have plenty to go for in the Valley as it is full of 20s and 30s!

We look forward to welcoming David to the complex and hope he enjoys his time fishing the Valley!

A beautiful misty dawn on the Valley Lake, where our winner will enjoy a years free membership