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We are very pleased to have acquired a rather special book this week.The book was owned and compiled by legendary carp breeder Donald Leney

Donald worked from 1923 at The Surrey Trout farm, but it was Carp that was Donald’s passion and without his love of the breed we wouldn’t have the quality of stocks we have today.

Donald travelled to Holland where he handpicked the fast growing Galician strain of Carp. These Carp are characterised by a long torpedo shape, heavy scaling and deep colours.

Leney continued to import the fish for over twenty years and they were introduced in waters across the country, including Savay, Billlingham Aquadrome and Redmire. As time passed the strain became known as the Leney Carp.

Our own strain of Carp are derived from the Leney strain.

The book includes articles and pieces taken from a range of books which Donald has had bound and which formed his own fish rearing “bible”.

Many of the aspects of fish farming included within the book are still used today including the “Monks” which you will see on our lakes and stock ponds which allow the waters to be drained to harvest fish.

Chris Yates owns the majority of Donald Leney’s artifacts but It is a real privilege for us to have this small piece of Carp fishing history.

Without the foresight and hard work of Mr Leney we certainly wouldn’t have the fishery we have today.