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Get On The Pellets

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New pellets producing the goods!

We've begun introducing pellets into all of the lakes to encourage the fish to feed on anglers baits as opposed to naturals and it has already started to get the fish feeding more.

The pellets are 8mm Trout pellets with a mid oil content but a high protein level. The pellets are highly attractive to carp and also help them to pack on the pounds.

The Main Lake has come to life in the past couple of weeks with two fish having already been caught in areas where the pellet had recently been introduced.

Darren Pavitt took the Main Lake's big Koi the Dalmation at 36lb 12oz and Paul Palmer took a 40lb Grass Carp.

Darren Pavitt with the Dalmation

The pellets are available from the lodge now!

Grab yourself now and catch some fish!

Paul Palmer with a new PB Gras Carp of 40lb