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HMS Fryerning sets sail!

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New boat for the Main Lake is launched

We’ve finally completed the restoration work on our new boat, and we’re pleased to announce that HMS Fryerning has been launched and is now moored safely at the Main Lake Lodge.

The boat came to us via the Environment Agency and was looking a little bit tired on arrival.

We’ve stripped the boat right back, made a few repairs and given her the full custom paint treatment complete with XL Carp livery.

The new boat ready for launching

We’ve added new hardwood and rope rub strips to protect her and to complete the look.

The boat also benefits from a pump system which allows for easy removal of rain water.

HMS Fryerning is launched!

At 20 foot in length the boat is capable of carrying all the gear any member is likely to have.

Here’s to HMS Fryerning and all who sail in her!

The new boat looking good!