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It’s Out On The Bank feature time again and this week I caught up with Main Lake stalwart Ian Davis.

Ian has been carp fishing for 9 years and joined Fryerning almost 4 years ago. Ian has had his fair share of Main Lake biggies including FourScale, the Mommon and more recently the Gurm.

Ian popped down for a quick afternoon trip this week so I took the opportunity to catch up with this real carp mad angler to see what it means for him to be fishing at Fryerning.

Ian with Four Scale

Q: What are the best things about fishing at Fryerning?

A: I love the peace and tranquillity of the place, the beautiful surroundings, the antiques that litter the bank all add to the feel of the place too. It’s an incredibly safe fishery which makes it even more enjoyable to fish.

Ian setting his alarms  

Q: What is your most memorable capture?

A: It would have to be my capture of Luke’s Common at 40lb 12oz. I had been fishing at Fryerning for about a month and having caught the Round tail Common on my first night I turned up to do some float fishing on the Car Park Lake with a view to doing an overnighter on the Main.

I had such a good day on the Car Park that it was already dark when I set up in the Dam Double on the Main. I found a little bit of gravel and chucked a stick bag on it and retired for the night. I say retired, but that was a lie, as I spent the whole night holding my brolly down.

At 3am my left hand rod belted off and I spent the next 30 minutes trying to retrieve the beast from 3 weed beds and 3 missed attempts with the net!

I eventually netted her at 40lb 12oz, a new PB to boot! Happy as Larry I packed up at 6am to do my 14 hour shift, the adrenaline of the capture got me through the day!

Ian with the Gurm 52lb 14oz

Q: If you had to choose one swim on the Main Lake which one would it be and why?

A: To be honest I’m happy in any swim

Q: What fish would you like to catch the most?

A: There is a particular fully scaled fish, It’s a mid 30 which hasn’t been caught for a few years, I’d love that one or the Emperor.

Ian's target fish a big fully scaled.

Thank you to Ian for taking the time out from his fishing to answer my questions and best of luck to him on catching his target fish!

Ian with another Main Lake biggie!