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Fryerning Fisheries Main Lake Record Goes Again!

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Long term member "Bert" lands the Gurm at 54lb 8oz

The Main Lake record has fallen again with the mighty "Gurm" hitting the scales at a huge 54lb 8oz.

The fish was caught by long term member Bert who has fished the water for over 17 years and last caught the lady of the lake at 27lb!

Bert arrived Sunday afternoon and having seen fish at range in the lodge swim got his rods positioned quickly. Just 2 hours later and one of the rods was away, the fish ripped off but then turned and swam towards Bert as he furiuosly wound down to keep in contact with the fish.

The Gurm put up an epic battle holding deep for over 10 minutes before finally being netted.

The scales spun round to 54lb 8oz a new fishery record and PB for Bert.

The fish was in immaculate condition and swam away strongly.

Bert was obviously delighted if a little shell shocked as all he could keep saying was OMG!!!

Well done to Bert on his incredible capture.


Bert with Fryernings big girl, the Gurm at 54lb 8oz.

Back she goes Fryerning Fisheries new complex record